15 Spring Nail Design Ideas 2024

The tedious winter season is finally over and beautiful springs are blooming with freshness. Everything feels new and fresh. Spring season shows how beautifully seasons are. New leaves and colorful flowers are blooming. Like nature, we are blooming too, so we must appreciate nature by caring for ourselves.

Taking care of our nails is also part of maintaining ourselves. Clean, well-filed nails and freshly applied nail polish brighten up the mood. So, let’s decorate your pretty nails with colorful nail paints and make the spring season more colorful and cheerful.

This spring refresh your style with a Cute Nail Design. It’s better to pack your dull nail paints and unpack your colorful pastel and bright color polishes and fill your nails with happy colors.

This blog is all about my natural nails. I love to try new nail designs by using some DIY tricks. Here I am sharing 15 Cute Spring Nail Ideas that you should try this spring season. I hope you like my nail ideas and try them.

15 Beautiful Spring Nail Ideas in 2024

1. Cute Little Flowers on Nails


Spring Nails are incomplete without these little flowers. I simply paint my nails with different color polish to get more spring vibe. Then draw these adorable flowers with the help of the dotted nails art tool. Just to give complete look to the flower add a golden glitter dot in the center of the flowers. Lastly, coat it with transparent nail paint for extra gloss.

2. French Rainbow Nails


I got an idea of these nails by seeing that rainbow you can see in the picture. On this day, weather was so good and this rainbow makes it more pretty. So, I decided that lets make it on my nails. I draw clouds on my index finger and then draw a rainbow only on the tips of my nails with the help of a thin nail art brush. On my pinky finger, I paint glitters on it. For the final touch paint a transparent nail polish for gloss.

3. Floral Purple Nails


I paint my first two fingers with milky white polish and combine it with Purple polish. Then take a thin nail brush and draw a beautiful flower bail. Let it dry and then apply a top coat for extra Gloss.

4. Dainty Daisy


The Daisy flowers first come to mind whenever we talk or think about spring season and this nail design looks so perfect for spring season. The flower pot behind my hands gives this picture a complete spring vibe. I am not gonna lie that this design is inspired from Pinterest. I am obsessed with this design. If you are looking for a perfect spring nail design then you should try it out. This design is never going out of fashion.

5. Honey Bee Nails


This is also an adorable nail design. In this nail art, I draw a honey bee with the help of a thin nail art brush. The yellow part of this design is trying to imitate as honey and also make the design complete and pretty. Lastly, coat it with transparent nail paint for gloss.

6. Colorful Lines


For making this nail design I simply started painting random colors in a straight line and then I got this pretty mani. After that, I combined the design with a yellow and sky color as you can see in the picture.

7. Pearls with Daisy


Hey, I am back with these little flowers. It’s really hard to paint spring nails without these pretty flowers. At this time I am using small pearls to give a final and complete look to these mani. I am making these flowers with the help of a dotting tool. This design is pretty easy and beautiful. Lastly, apply a top coat for gloss.

8. Lavender shades


For making this design, I am using thin nail art tape to get that perfect straight half of white polish then draw black swirls with the help of the thin nail art brush. I combine this black and white design with these 2 purple shades which complement it very well. Lastly, apply a top coat.

9. Sunny Nails


The combination of the Sky and Yellow reminds me of a bright sunny day of spring. This design is very easy and also has very adorable vibes. You must try this design this spring.

10. Cow Print with Lavender


I love black and white combo with lavender. Now I am combine it with cow print which look kinda unique and have spring vibe. I am using thin tape to get that perfect half and making cow print with dotted tool. Then apply top coat for gloss.

11. French Yellow Floral Nails


The Flower you are seeing in this design is a sticker. Yes I am using nail art sticker on yellow french tip with thin glitter strip to make design more pretty. I am combining the yellow with Red French tip to make my nails bright. Lastly coat it with top coat for gloss.

12. Pink with Parrot Green


This is one of the simplest and prettiest Nail Idea. Just Parrot green with pink glitters.

13. Royal Blue Design


This design is also inspired from pinterest. Once I saw this design, I really want to try this on my nails and it turns out so amazing. It was also fun to make this nail art because I love that small detailing things you can see in this design.

14. Matte Plum shade with Neon Swirls


Here I am using matte top coat on plum shade of nails and glossy top coat on swirls one. This design is combination of matte and glossy top coat. I am randomly making swirls with the help of thin nail art brush. It turns out so pretty which look perfect for spring.

15. Neon Yellow with glitter base


This design give a unique vibe. For making this design, firstly I applied a one coat of glitter nail polish then draw a random one stroke of yellow polish and out line it with hot pink polish. Lastly, coat it with the glossy top coat.

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