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The most common confusion that every girl face before getting ready for any party is that what we are doing with nails ? This is more difficult when you don’t have enough time to go to the salon. At that point of time all you need is some subtle and beautiful nails that suits with any dress.

If you have no idea about nails and you have only some hours to getting ready than you should wear a Bright Red Nail Paint or Nude Shade Nail Paint. These both nail color are the best choice that you wear is any party. That makes you look elegant and pretty.

  • Pretty Simple Red Nails. This is the most elegant nail color.
  • Pretty simple nude shade nails which is going perfect with any dress. This is the nail paint from “Juice” in the shade Teddy Brown. This is one of my favorite shade.
  • And the third one is the shimmery Gold Nail Paint. This Nail paint is also from “Juice” in the shade Rich Gold. This is the prettiest shade which look great on any age or any occasion.

These three nails are one the best option for those who want to make their nails effortlessly beautiful. Any age group can wear these shades with any dress. These shades will never disappoint you.

More Party Nail Ideas

I also have some easy Party Nail Idea that is great for any party. If you are adding little bit of sparkle in the nails that will make your nails look more attractive and beautiful. For party nails, you can keep any glitter nail paint in your collection. I am making very easy and Party Nail design that is going great with every party dress.

Check out my Party Nail Design. I hope you like and show some love to my Nail Art.

1. In this nail design, I combine Nude Pink Color with grey and some glitters. This is the prettiest combination for any Party.


2. Red Nail Paint with nude shades is also perfect for Party. I am using floral nail sticker to give extra beauty to my nails.


3. In this Nails I am taking base a silver glitter polish and then I draw a beautiful red rose. This is will gives a minimalistic beautiful red rose nails.


4. Black Nails never going out of fashion. I am mixing black nail paint with white and grey and giving small glittery stroke on grey nail.


5. This Nails are going perfect with lavender dress or dark purple color dress. It is very simple and easy design for beginners.


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