10 Black Nail Art You Should Try in 2024

Black Nails are never goes out of fashion and it always makes your hand cool and classy at the same time. Good thing about Black color is you can combine it with any color and it starts giving compliment to that color and make design more bright and pretty.

Decorating your nails with your creative mind is reflecting your whole personality and that makes you different from others. Doing Nails is not all about painting on nails its a therapy that makes my mind calm and creative.

I am going to share some beautiful Black Nail design made by me. All the nail design here are made on natural nails. Check out some of my Black Nail Design.

10 Black Nail Design Ideas in 2024

1. Black Nails with Orange Accent


These Nails showing a transition of Black color into White vice versa. Giving little orange tint makes this Nail art more graceful. I don’t know if you see it or not but I am also line the orange one with golden color. It complete the design and lastly coat it with glossy Base coat/transparent Nail paint for more gloss.

2. Black French Tip Nails with White Swirls


There was a time when I am obsessed with almond shape of nails and this design is perfect for Almond shapes. Firstly paint any nude shade as a base and paint black nail paint on tips of the nails let it sit and wait to dry and then make beautiful white swirls on it. Giving final touch with glossy base coat and it’s done.

3. Tape Black Nail Design


This Black design is the easiest and prettiest nails design. In this Nail design, Thin nail art tape is used to give a perfect straight line and paint a matt black nail paint then make triangle with glitter nail paint. As you can see in the picture, half Nail is matt and half is glossy. This makes the design unique and pretty. I got little confused while choosing contrast nail color but this sky kind a shade is perfect combination with Matt Black.

4. Black and White Glitter Nails


Black Nail paint contrast with White and Glitter nails. White nail design is designed with thin nail art tape and glitter nail compliments both black and white nails color. Lastly coat with transparent nail paint for extra gloss.

5. Abstract Black Nail Design


I am not gonna lie but this nail design is inspired from Pinterest. I am in love with this design. This look so classy and elegant. For making this design, use nude nail color as base and then take a thin brush and start painting a beautiful black swirls. Lastly, coat it with base coat/transparent nail paint for extra gloss.

6. Black Gradient Nails


I don’t know why but this nail design has galaxy kind a vibe. The glitter I am using on top of it looks like star and all shades looks like night or galaxy shades. Whatever, this looks more beautiful in real. I am adding gloss between two nails and other nails are in matt finish. For giving gradient look I am using sponge and then add silver glitter on top of it. Lastly apply base coat for extra gloss.

7. Black Floral Nails


Floral Black nails are perfect design for springs. On top of the black nail paint, its hard to show any color. For solving this problem, I first make a full design with white color nail paint then fill color accordingly. This sound tough but I really enjoyed it and actually it’s not that tough. So, you should try this, it is very interesting design.

8. Black Daisy Nails


Matt Finish Black Nails with cute little Daisy flower on it. I hope you can see it in the picture I contrast this cute design with lavender and silver nail paint . First two fingers are paint with this design then paint a silver nail paint and pinky finger is paint with Glossy lavender Nail Paint.

9. Red Rose on Golden Black


Red Roses on golden black nails. I am using the same technique that is, paint a design with the white nail paint then draw a roses and its leaves on top of it otherwise red and green color is blend with black color.

10. Black Nails with glittery Peekaboo Flowers


This is one of cutest Black Nail design. In this design I am taking glittery base and then draw a peekaboo flowers with dotting tool. Give a final touch with glossy Base coat that gives a shine and complete the nail design.

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