12 Best Summer Nail Trends of 2024

Summer is coming up and it is the best season to try bright colorful funky nails for this hot bright sunny day. Why not paint our nails with beautiful designs to make our cute summer dresses more prettier?

Like changing your wardrobe from winter clothing to beautiful summer dresses, we also have to change the nail paint color with pastel shades or more bright summer shades. If you are getting these Summer Nail design inspiration in Winters, don’t miss our trending Winter Nail Ideas.

That change helps to brighten up your mood and colors make everything beautiful. Taking care of ourselves is also a therapy that helps you to distract from all negative thoughts and makes you feel happy.

I am sharing 12 adorable Summer Nail designs you can easily make this summer. This blog is all about my natural nails. I hope you like my nail art ideas and try them.

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12 Cute Summer Nail Ideas that you can try this Summer

1. Bright shades with Animated flowers


This nail art is perfect for summer and the color combination is so amazing for the hot summers. The Bright Pink and Orange combination is one of my favorite color combinations.

Combining them with these cute animated flowers makes nail art more adorable. For making this design, firstly I paint my nails with peach nude shade then draw flowers with the help of a thin nail art brush, and then paint them with any of my favorite colors. Lastly, coat it with a base coat with extra gloss.

2. White French with cherry


This nail art is a very adorable and popular design from Pinterest. This nail design is perfect for summer. It is very easy to make, all you need is to paint the tip of nails with white nail paint.

If you are always struggling to paint a French tip then you can outline your nail with the help of a thin nail art brush and then paint it as usual. Now take a dotted tool dip it in the red polish and make small dots then join it with a thin nail art brush from the top with green polish for a cherry effect. Lastly, coat it with transparent nail polish for extra gloss.

3. Refreshing Green Nails


This Nail design is so refreshing. It looks so perfect for summer. In this nail design, I am applying parrot green nail paint and then making random sky-blue strokes to give an earth-like look. You can skip the black leaves part as it looks good without leaves. I am combining it with golden glitter. I am making these leaves with a thin nail art brush that completes the design. Lastly, coat it with transparent nail paint for gloss.

4. Sky Floral Nails


This is also a very adorable nail design and is going perfectly for this summer. I love the sky and glitter combination. This design reminds me of a bright sunny day of summer and these little flowers look so good. I Simply paint my nails and then draw a little flowers with the help of a nail art brush. Lastly, coat it with gloss.

5. Comic Book Nails


This nail design is also trendy on social media and I am desperate to try these comic book nails and turn out so beautifully unique. The parrot green shade is my favorite and I love to try unique and new nails and these are some of them.

6. Neon Strips


Neon shade is going great for a beach day. This nail design is the easiest and prettier for the summer. I apply grey nail paint and wait to dry it out completely then draw a line with the help of a nail art brush. Lastly, coat it with transparent nail paint for gloss.

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7. Orange Nails


This nail art also reminds me of a chilled orange drink that is perfect for a hot summer day. This bright nail design is easy and adorable for summer. You can try it with your favourite sundress to compliment the overall summer’s look.

8. Colorful Marble


This is the easiest and most beautiful nail design for summer. For making this design, I applied big dots of colors that seems perfect for summer vibes like yellow, orange, sky blue, purple, green, and pink. Then mix it with the help of the thin nail art brush until I get my desired marble effect. Lastly, coat it with transparent nail paint for gloss.

9. Retro Floral Nails


This Floral Nails is going great with your floral summer dress. I love to paint printed nails it was fun to draw prints on the nails.

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The good thing about is that it’s not as tough as it looks. For making this print I am using peach nude shade as a base then dab a sky color with a sponge to give clouds-like a effect and making flowers with the help of a thin nail art brush and combining it with glitter black nail paint. Lastly, coat it with the glossy transparent nail paint for gloss.

10. Adorable Glitter Pink


This nail design looks very pretty and adorable. I love to wear these kind of glitter nails as it is a very easy nail design and also looks good at the same time. To make this beauty, all you need is to apply tinted glitter pink nail paint then dab a silver glitter with the help of a sponge.

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Then make this flower with the help of a dotted tool and make leaves with a thin nail art brush. Lastly, coat it with transparent nail paint for gloss.

11. Adorable Yellow


Bright yellow is the perfect choice for summer. These yellow nails are perfect for a beach day you can wear them. Both the design looks almost similar but yet different. It is a very easy and adorable design for summer.

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