10 Amazing Winter Nails Ideas

I am back with beautiful Winter Nails Ideas that you’ll like to try this winter. All these designs are made on my natural nails and also go great with your cute cozy sweaters.

Winters are starting and all I need is a warm cozy corner so that I just sit calm and do my pretty nails. Most people think that winter is all about dark shades. But no, some light and subtle shades remind you of snow and the peaceful silence of the winter.

Here I am sharing 10 Amazing Winter Nails from my collection. So, try some beautiful new nails this winter season and make your nails more pretty.

10 Winter Nail Art Ideas

1. Sage Green with grey


This is the prettiest combination I’ve ever tried which is perfect for winter nails. Adding one glitter nail makes this combination more attractive.

2. Grey Daisy Nails


This is the evergreen nail design you can paint in every season these cute little daisy reminds you a summer and at the same time this sage grey shade and glitter keeps you in the winter season.

3. Swirls with Green


This pretty Mani is inspired by Pinterest. I am obsessed with this design and really want to try this design and it turns out so amazing. I don’t know but this pretty green reminds me of a Christmas kind of vibe. I just randomly paint the tip of the nail with white nail paint and start drawing swirls with a thin nail art brush. Lastly, coat it with transparent nail paint for extra gloss.

4. Cute Baby Blue Nails


This is also a perfect combination for winter. This may look tough but it is a very simple design overall this looks so beautiful during winter. I just simply paint a nail with white polish and let it dry. After that take a thin nail art brush and draw a small line in a symmetrical way. To get a more perfect look make sure none of the lines touch the other. Lastly, coat it with transparent glossy nail paint.

5. Red Winter Nails


I am combining Red, White, and glitter polish in this nail design. The first two fingers are painted with Matte Red and then White leaves on it with a nail art brush. I don’t know but I like glitter nails in winter. If you notice or not I always paint a ring finger with glitter polish. This makes nails art more prettier and happy.

6. Winter Holiday Nails


Hey! I am back again to using glitter polish on my ring finger. For making these nails, I am using a nude shade nail polish and then tapping a white polish with a sponge to give that gradient effect. After that tap a little glitter on top of it. Lastly, finish with transparent nail paint for a more glossy effect.

7. Midnight Blue Nails


Oh Wow! Look at this pretty elegant combination. I think no words are needed to write about this beauty. This is simply amazing.

8. Snowy Nails


Oh finally, I am not using glitter on my ring finger. This Mani looks like I’ve snow on my nails. These nails look perfect for the winter season. I simply paint nails with nude shade polish and let it dry first, then randomly paint white polish. For the final touch draw a silver line on top of the white polish. This completes the design. Lastly, paint transparent nail polish for extra gloss.

9. Marble Nails for Winters


Combining Purple polish with sage grey shade goes so well. I am sharing the easiest way of making marble nails. Firstly, put a big dot of any 3 nail paint. Here I am using White, Purple, and Sage Grey shades. Then take a thin dotted nail art tool and mix all three colors. Mix it until you get the desirable marble effect. You can also use a toothpick in place of a dotted nail art tool. Lastly, paint a transparent nail paint for gloss.

9. Pink Combination Nails


This Nail combination has a very subtle kind of vibe which is perfect for November month. This looks so simple and pretty.

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